Lazo Statement


My basic field of interest relates to the problems of perception and cognition, how we relate to what our senses receive and how we make sense and meaning out of this information.


These recent years I have been dealing with issues of space, time, color, timbre and interaction, creating work through the use of animations, videos, music and code computing.


All my work is deeply influence by music if it is not music at all, I started studying music at 13 and at 19 I was a virtuoso, playing the recorder professionally with various groups, around this period I had a stage crisis (nervous breakdown) and discovered painting as a healing process.  Since then I have developed a visual work that has covered a wide spectra.

In 1996 I got involved with computers doing an installation with sensors, since then I have been exploring this media, it has allow me to regain my concerns with music and apply them to my visual work.


My main influences are:


Biology, since I studied biology of three years at the University of Chile, my whole thinking process has been influenced by this experience, specially by Maturana and Varela and the concepts of machines, living creatures and the autopoiesis theory.


In the Arts, the baroque period of painting, and the representation of human drama.  Abstract color field paintings, (Rorthko, Newman, Reinhard and Minimalism), the way this artists present the problems of color, space and perception.  Arte Povera, (G. Anselmo, Beuys) the way they deal with perception, context, and politic. 

Code art and interaction.


In music, the baroque music period and the "drama per musica", the translation of emotions in sound.

Xenakis (I studied at his studio in Paris 2002-03), Stockhausen, Parmegianni, Curtis Roads, and the whole of electroacustic music, the way this music restates the concepts of sound, noise, timbre and perception.

Ligeti his openness in music and John Cage the challenging concepts of music, perception and the mind.


 Buddhism, for me has been a deep impression to discover the coherence of a completely different approach to reality and the mind.


Is there a possibility of creating a piece that becomes an experience deep enough that transforms our neuronal conditioning and presents reality anew?


Fˇlix Lazo