Stille [AutopoieticSystems (viii)]

Stille Interactive visual and sound Installation (Sonic Crosses MAC Quinta Normal, Santiago, Chile 2012)

Multimedia interactive - installation

A projection on the wall of an horizontal oval constituted by 15 vertical ovals that are reactive to the noises of the room, 32 painted paper origami boxes delimit the main shape. A sound feedback system re-process the noises of the visitors and enhance the resonances of the room, creating an immersive sound and visual experience.
This work consist of a series of digital process that work in a stochastic feedback system fed by the sounds generated by the public and the resonances of the room.
The name is taken from the Nonostatos aria of Mozart's Magic Flute.

The system has series of parameters that can be manipulated in real time with a wireless mouse, behaving like an visual and sound instrument. A performance of the system was realized at the closing of the exhibition, the score of the performance is further down.

Stille , consists of three parts.

a) The sound part reacts to the sound of visitors and generates a response fed by the visitor and interacting with itself.

b) The visual part is dependent on the sounds generated by the system, the public and the resonances of the room.

c) The paper boxes surrounding the main shape activate the presence of the wall.

Technical details
One directional microphone
1 Computer WXP
1 stereo system
1 Data Projector
Two custom softwares created by the author, one for the sound system design/composed with SuperCollider and the other for the visual part created with openFrameworks.



Stille performance Score

Cruces Sonoros



Stille Exhibition Invitation

Cruces Sonoros