six studies for an empty oeuvre


This project, funded and supported by FONDART was conducted during 2008.
Six interactive processes of audio video and environment were programmed.
These studies were tested in six different locations of Santiago, Chile.

This project consisted of designing and programming six different interaction processes in real time of
video, audio and environment. These works or studies had no sounds or movies, all
material used was given by the specific acoustic and visual environment.

Each of these studies (re-design and re-adjusted) captured information from its surroundings for 4.33 min. (a remote quote to the work 4.33 min. of John Cage).

The shots (visual and auditory information) were stealthy, with the intent to not alter the environment,
creating a free acoustic and visual portrait of Santiago.

The sites chosen were:

Study One: Loreto Bridge (Thursday June 05 11:40 hrs.)

Study Two: Baquedano Subway Station (Monday 27 October 15:20 hrs.)

StudyThree: Parking Park Mall Arauco (Monday 24 November 18:22 hrs. and Monday 8 December 17:32 hrs.

Study Four: Down Huechuraba (Sunday 21 December 20:10 hrs.)

Study Five: Plaza de Armas of Santiago (Friday January 2 17:50 hrs.)

Study Six: Terrace Mall Alto Las Condes (Saturday January 3 19 15 hrs.)

This project used two object programming languages, for audio SuperCollider and for
visual processes or video, QuartzComposer.


Dha-Tra (2005)

<metodoEntropia1> (2006)

Mirror (2006)

Vx2estaciones (guitarra y electronica) 2007

seis estudies for an empty oeuvre comes from a series of reflections on the work <metodoEntropia1> I made in 2006.

<metodoEntropia1> culminates a process in which the main concern was the problem of time synchronization between video and audio. In this work a problem of feedback is solved, creating a situation in which the noise of the surrounding space is enough to produce a sound phenomenon moldable and with sufficient randomness. Somehow this work is a distant reference to the feedback oeuvre of Agostino DiScipio who was my professor at CCMIX (Center of Musical Creation Iannis Xenakis, in 2003, Paris.
Dha-Tra (2005)

dvd. ntsc .4.0 min.

Live video and audio controlled by a tabla *
score of the tabla and the video programming patch in Isadora **
real-time audio processing in SuperCollider.
Performance at Plaza Camilo Mori, December 2005, Santiago, Chile

tabla*, percussion instrument of north India.
Isadora**, software for live videos
<metodoEntropia1> (2006)
dvd.ntsc. 4.41 min. 2006

Algorithmic multimedia work sensitive to the auditory environment
Duration: 4 min minimum, max: indefinite

<métodoEntropia1>generates a response to the sound information and noise, affecting the sequence of video and audio with a direct response of the system to the interaction of the spectator, performer and / or environment. The system is sufficiently closed as to define its own temperament.
The sounds were captured by a microphone connected to the computer, these are filtered and manipulated by a series of algorithms, returning to the ambient different sounds , which in turn are further processed.
The system includes an granulation algorithm amending height (pitch) and the duration of the sounds,
the number and length of the grains of sounds in real time is modified by the position of the mouse.

The visual part is sensitive to the intensity of sounds, a higher peak brightness of the image, the intensity of sound affects the stochastic process that modulates the varying size of the videos.

Two programming languages were used in this work SuperCollider for the audio and PixelShox for thr video, both are free on the Internet.
metEntrop metEntrop02
<metodoEntropia1> (2006) inst.001 dvd.ntsc. 4.41 min. 2006
This work has been performed in: Images of Music, Arts Metro Hall, 2006. Interactive Works, video and audio, Visual Music cycle at the Biennial of Video and New Media, Museum of Contemporary Art, Forest Park, Santiago 2007. Performance in Nuit Blanche, Sat Gallerie, Montreal, Canada, 2008. ExperimentaClub (Multimedia Concert), La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain. 2008 
Mirror (2006) multimedia work duo.

Piece composed for a tour I did with Christian Morales in 2006 in representation of Cech (Electroacoustic Community of Chile through Mexico (Morelia), San Diego, Santa Barbara, Texas, Chicago (Romeville) and San Jose (Costa Rica).

The idea for this piece was to take samples of audio and video with a small video camera of the places we visited.

The sounds of the video were separated and processed by Christian in Max / Msp in real time, the part that I did was to alter, modify or filter those sounds in real time with SuperCollider by direct line or through the microphone.

The videos were processed in real time in different patches in Isadora, this patches were reprogrammed as the collection of videos and sounds was increasing during the trip.
Vx2estacionesVx2 2007

Born as a reunion with Juan Carlos Bravo, guitarist of the free jazz band "a toda costa", band with which I played for a few years, the idea was to record and process the sounds emitted by the guitar in real time with a series of tools created for handling audio in SuperCollider by the collective ixi the ixiQuarks software,

For this purpose, I composed a very open part for the guitar that basically defined a very general atmosphere. The video was a projection of a video camera processed in real time in Isadora. This work was presented at the Festival Aimaako in Santiago Chile in 2007.

This piece was transformed into VX2, the guitar section was edited and the idea of manipulating the sounds in real time was maintained, in this version with SuperCollider, the video was scheduled to QuartzComposer. VX2 was presented at ExperimentaClub, Madrid in 2008 and in Sao Paulo at "Sudamerica Electrónica nas Estrelas" the same year.