como una segunda naturaleza 2005 (like second nature)

dvd ntsc 17.13 min. 2 video (duplicated) & 4 channels audio installation
A young woman is having tea naked and alone in a state of intimacy, different things begin to happen that relates to her feelings, thoughts, and dreams, and back to the drinking of the tea. This gives a pause and a reiteration working as a bridge between the different scenes. In the music part different synthesis algorithms were studied, also digital manipulation of sampled sounds and different possibilities of spacialization given by the use of four channels.Most of the material used in the music was taken from the video and manipulated with digital tools created for this piece. For the visual part the screen was divided in three and in nine segments, depending on the scenes, giving relevance to the temporal relations with the music, the videos were modified with different algorithms.

The installation
On the center of the room hangs a wool rug of 200 x 300 cms. the video is duplicated and proyected on each side of the rug four speakers each in a corner and the subwoofer, video proyector and dvd are attached to the ceiling.
This work was presented at the Biennal of Video and New Media 2005, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Quinta Normal, Santiago, Chile and at SAT Gallery, Montreal, Canada in the exhibition Digital Chile, 2008.