Anicca 2008

19 prints (triptic) of 90x240 cms. (35.4 x 94.5 inches)

Anicca* (impermanence)

Anicca* in an art-work computer program (programed by Felix Lazo in a programming environment called Pixelshox) this program paints the screen by sweeps or brushstrokes .

This process of painting is made by a brush (group of images) that is constantly changing, allowing changes of texture and color.

The system includes a series of stochastic processes that changes movement, color and dispersion, the process continues indefinitely and never repeats.

* Anicca in Pali language translates as impermanence it is one of three universal characteristics of existence according to Buddhism. Heraclitus, ancient Greek philosopher, also address the impermanence coining the famous phrase that suggests that we can not go twice into the same river.

In this particular case Anicca * (impermanence) refers to the fact that this program runs and then stops for an instant to continue on top of what is already painted changing continuously the painting it is generating. In order to rescue some of these images, a snapshot of the screen was taken every 9 seconds, slowing for a while the process of change.

For the exhibition at BIP Computers, March 2008, Santiago, Chile.
57 paintings were selected of a total of approximately 300, these were grouped and printed and presented with the program "Anicca" acting in real time.
This work was sponsored and inkjet printed by Epson Chile, Epson warrants a duration of these prints, ink and paper for two hundred years.

Anicca (Algorimic paintings)
Bip Computers, Santiago Chile 2008